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Exmouth Market – anyone for lunch?
A thriving lunchtime food market in Exmouth Market, Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 3.00-ish. Expect Ghanaian street food, Bangladeshi lunch boxes, salt beef sandwiches, traditional French crêpes….
Ghanaian traditional food, strolling through the market, taste of Bangladesh, lunch in the park
A flavour of Exmouth Market

In the tri-angle between King’s Cross, Angel and Farringdon, nestled between Farringdon Road and St John Street, lies Clerkenwell’s lunchtime gem – the Exmouth Market street food market. A great place to meet up for al fresco lunch, it is easily accessible from the City, Islington and University of London. 

Exmouth Market Opening Hours - Monday to Friday from 12.00  to 3.00-ish. 

The daily food market kicks off at about midday and continues until early afternoon. This is a small, specialist market where 20 or so artisan food stalls sell a variety of mainly hot street food to Londoners on their lunch break. Thursdays and Fridays are busiest days with the biggest turnout of stalls.

With a leafy square at the Farringdon Road end, a 100 year old church in the centre and St John’s Street at the other end, charming Exmouth market has the added advantage of being a pedestrian street. Behind the Church is a hidden park with lots of seating where you can enjoy your lunch al fresco (entrance via Spa Fields Lane next to the Church). 

The Street Food Merchants: An eclectic mix of specialist foods are on offer, literally spanning continents. Here are some of the highlights.

In the market square at the Farringdon Road end, Luca will be hard at work grilling handmade Italian sausages on the BBQ. Meanwhile neighbour Dominique whips up his gluten free, buckwheat crêpes at Crêpes & Galettes, based on a traditional family recipe. Try the fresh mushroom & spinach, steamed to preserve the goodness! Award winning Spinach & Agushi opposite produces Ghanaian Street Food – delicious meat, fish or vegetarian stew—based dishes, served with spice-kicking Jollof Rice (Monday to Friday). Red & green Thai curry and pad Thai chicken are on offer from the Thai Stall (Monday to Friday). 

Moving down Exmouth Market, you can’t miss Ion Patisserie, with its irresistible display of New York Cheese cake, Banoffee Pie, apple strudel and chocolate brownies. Ivan from the Jewish Deli tips up every Thursday & Friday doing his award winning salt beef sandwich - served hot!  Gujarati Rasoi does traditional vegetarian Indian dishes, including their bestselling thalis and samosas. Well regarded local Bangladeshi tandoori Gulshan does a lunchtime street food version Monday to Friday. Look out for the mixed lunch box for £5 (basmati rice, chicken shaslick, chicken & spinach, lamp kebab, dali masala, vegetables, mixed salad!). Salads are available from Seed Salad Bar, including homemade hummus, seed salads, mixed salads, all freshly made (Monday to Friday). There is a risotto stall (Thursday & Friday), Mexican food from Freebird with  gourmet Burritos, vegetarian burritos and Fajita Burritos (sautéed peppers & onions instead of beans). Pincho Pinxto does speciality skewers with chicken, pork or vegetable, all marinated for 24 hours then slow-cooked and diced before skewering. The Moro stall serves one tantalising Moorish lunch dish per day Tuesday to Friday (lamb or chicken depending on the day).

Where to sit? In addition to the Park, there are benches in the Square or do like most people and just find a piece of church rail to prop yourself up against. There are lots of coffee bars, pubs and cafes, where you can pick up a coffee or get a drink afterwards.

If you are coming for the street foods, don’t come too late as most stalls may have left. This is a lunch time market so after 2.30 most stalls begin to wind down.

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Exmouth Market food stalls, London EC1
Food stalls at Exmouth Market Exmouth market, lunchtime streetmarket, London EC1
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Londoners at the lunchtime food market

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