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Book Ends - children’s bookshop, London - offers an enormous selection of chldren’s books including activity books, craft books and non-fiction as well as children’s dvds and cds, character soft toys and craft model kits. Book Ends specialises in Origami books and has a full range for all levels – beginners to advanced; Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4QP.
Book Ends - Children's Books London, independent bookseller specialising in activity books, origami books and gifts, EC1R 4QP

Origami Books, Book Ends, London EC1R 4QP, UK
Specialist Origami

BOOK ENDS, Exmouth Market, London, are an independent bookseller – specialising in childen's books, origami books and craft activity books for children and adults.

The Book Ends Shop stocks an enormous selection of books for children including Picture books, Pop-up books, Activity books, Story books and a wide range of non-fiction books and there are also books for babies and young children.

Book Ends also has a popular selection of children’s gifts including Children’s dvds, cds, character soft toys, Craft materials and Modelling kits.

As the official supplier to the British Origami Society, Book Ends stocks and sources Origami books published in the UK, USA and Japan, covering all levels of expertise - from beginners to advanced.

The art of Origami started with very early Chinese and Japanese paper folding and has developed over the centuries into many modern versions  - being enjoyed on all levels, from early learning play to complex mathematical modelling.

Papercraft proves ever popular with children and adults, and Book Ends offers a range of books on subjects including hand-made paper, pop-ups, crafted greetings cards, paper engineering and architectural paper model making.

Book Ends are suppliers of  L’Instant Durable and Schreiber paper modelling activity books which are renowned for their fascinatingly detailed kit models of famous buildings, castles, ships, cars and animals including – Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Titanic, Noah’s Ark with 12 animals, Dinosaurs, London Bus, and a Theatre a L’Italienne complete with stage actors.

Carter Diaz, Elements of Pop-up, Book Ends, London EC1R 4QP, UK
Carter Diaz - Pop-Up Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio, Book Ends, London EC1R 4QP, UK
Carlo Collodi - Pinocchio
Book Ends

Book Ends

66 Exmouth Market
London EC1R 4QP


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Book Ends, Children's Bookshop, London EC1R 4QP, UK
children's books, London

Book Ends of Exmouth Market, London, offer a stunning range of gift ideas for children. With a wealth of activity books as well as non-fiction, there are gifts and soft toys for all ages including babies and nursery years.

Specialists in papercraft and Origami books, there is a full range of ability levels to choose from – absolute beginners to experienced and advanced.

Visit Book Ends shop, Clerkenwell, London, or browse their website to discover the delightful range of activities and gifts available for children and adults.

Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00
Sat 10.00 - 17.00

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Rick Beech, Action Origami, Book Ends, London EC1R 4QP, UK
Rick Beech - Action Origami

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